What Steam games are compatible with Linux?

The purpose of this app is to let people thinking about moving to Linux check their Steam library to see which games have native Linux support. It does this by reading your public Steam games list and then visiting each store page to check what the game works with. In order for this to work, your Steam games list must be public. If the parser can't read it, it can't check it and nothing will happen. For example if you access your Steam profile with http://steamcommunity.com/id/fred - your Steam Id would be fred.

This app will never ask for your Steam password, it works solely with public information.

Games with less than 5 hours of playtime will be semi-transparent to help you more quickly see the games you play often.

Known Issues: Games may show up in the "Unknown" section because the store page for that game's AppID which I use to determine compatibility no longer exists, or does not contain the required information. Unfortunately there's not much I can do about that, so you'll have to research unknowns yourself. In addition, some games may have incorrect time played, or last played information. This is due to steam reporting broken data for old games. Most games played within the last 5 years should have accurate data.

Check out /v/gaming and /v/linuxgaming for more gaming discussion and resources!
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